Modular Buildings

MCC Development was chosen to design, permit and install a modular 1,500 square ft. flammable liquid warehouse to comply with International Building Code (IBC), OSHA Std. 29 CFR, part 1910, and FM Insurance carrier’s loss prevention standards. Modular design provides four-hour firewalls, explosion relief venting, built-in secondary spill containment sump and an automatic fire suppression system to achieve $100,000 cost savings vs. site construction.

MCC Development, Inc. was also selected as the prime contractor for the Phase II Expansion to create this 3,600 sq. ft. Modular Hazardous Chemical Storage Facility in which Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol, Organic Peroxides, and Acetonitrile will be processed and stored.

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Modular Flammable Liquid Transfer Station

MCC selected as the D/B contractor for this 6100 C.F. Flammable Liquid Transfer Station for storing Ethanol and Acetanitrile used in DNA profiling.

Modular Flammable Liquid Transfer Station